The Scottish Working Woods label is a guarantee that a woodland product contains at least 90% Scottish grown raw material and that the raw material has been harvested sustainably or is from a sustainable source. The label can be used for any raw materials and products that derive from the woodland, these include: Timber, Furniture, Crafts, Food and Drink made from wild harvested ingredients, Plant Extracts and Seeds.   Use of the label will benefit both the environment and local Scottish people and communities in the following ways:

  • Raising the profile and understanding the value of Scottish Working Woods products will help to finance and encourage good management of Scottish woodlands.
  • The label supports local growing, harvesting, processing and production which in turn mitigates climate change and supports local economy and employment.
  • The label endorses the value of local biodiversity, character and identity in the woodland resource.
  • The ‘chain of custody’ from raw material to finished product brings producers, customers and communities into a meaningful relationship with each other and with Scottish woodlands.
  • The label supports and promotes the value of traditions in the areas of woodland management, craftsmanship and use of resources, encouraging the development and retention of the skills associated with SWW products.

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